The chest rigs have a very rich history traced way back during the world war whereby most militaries that were in the war front used these chest rigs to carry various items that were useful at war. The rigs are very important in the military because of the multiple uses the pockets are used for.

Tactical plate carrier chest rig

The pockets on the chest rig can carry weapons. These does not mean that the chest rigs cannot be used by civilians notably the tactical plate carrier chest rig. For a buyer there several chest rigs that may help in different capacities. The chest rigs are rated from the best and popular depending on the functions one may want to use them for. It is important for one to know that chest rigs are vests like dress that is put across the body and has several pockets that can carry different items and the pockets have different sizes. The chest rigs have several pros that make them effective and they are

  • Compatibility- they are of several types for different body structures
  • Comfort ability- they are light and can be worn on those extreme hot weather conditions.
  • Design and materials- they have movable pockets that can be adjusted and also the material that is used to make these chest rig is favorable during hot conditions.

When one goes out look for these chest rig vest they have different things they must consider before purchasing them.


Depending on the purposes that one may want to use the chest rigs for, one goes for the size that is best suited for the functions they want to use for. It is recommended for people to go for the size that is standard so that they do not look funny when they wear them. Also the size of the chest rig vest can be adjusted by controlling the secure belts to fit.


The pouches should be big enough and be made of an elastic material so that they can carry many items for use. The elasticity of the pouches ensures that the items that are carried are safe. The pouches should be made of materials that are lightweight basically for comfort and also the material should be of good quality for it to be durable.


For military they usually carry a lot of items which are very heavy to move around with, so it is important for the material used to make the entire chest rig vest to be lightweight. The lightweight enable easy movement without one feeling the burden. The cross back shoulder straps helps a lot to reduce the strenuous effort one may want to put hence reducing the risk of a person complaining of back pains.

Durability and safety

The purpose of any gear one wears in the battle field or a very dangerous terrain should aid his or her safety. The several pouches are important for soldiers because they can be able to carry extra armor. One should purchase the vest from brands that offer warranty.