What Are the Different Components of a tactical plate carrier chest rig?

While searching for this kind of apparatus, don’t get confounded between a tactical plate carrier chest rig, a plate carrier,and chest fix, or a measured vest. These items all fill an alternate need and are somewhat extraordinary. While they all offer comparable highlights, despite everything you need to guarantee that you select the best item for your planned employment.

It is fundamental to comprehend the distinctions in these items keeping in mind the end goal to realize what will best fit your needs. Here are the distinctions in a tactical vest, plate carrier, chest fix and a particular vest:

What Is A Tactical Vest?

As depicted already, a tactical vest is utilized for conveying all your fundamental rigging. Tactical vests can be utilized as assurance;however, they additionally arrive in a lighter form that can be utilized for different exercises. They are proposed to be more adaptable than your run of the mill defensive apparatus.

A tactical plate carrier chest rig is lightweight and does not offer a cummerbund that highlights side assurance, in this manner leaving your sides presented to the components. On the off chance that you are searching for a comment for only a light defensive obstruction, however not something fundamentally for military review insurance, at that point, a tactical vest would be an extraordinary decision.

What Is A Plate Carrier?

Be careful, individuals will utilize the term ‘plate carrier’ reciprocally with tactical plate carrier chest rig,’ yet there is a distinction. A plate carrier is all the more overwhelming obligation. The essential utilization of a plate carrier is to shield you from getting shot. Not at all like the tactical vest, which stays open on either side, the plate carrier really has a cummerbund on it to ensure your sides also.

Another distinction in a plate carrier and a tactical vest is that the plate carrier won’t accompany every one of the pockets and places to store weapons.

What Is A Chest Rig?

tactical plate carrier chest rig offer somewhat more opportunity with regards to the plan and arrangement of your stockpiling. With a chest fix, you can move the capacity pockets around. You can likewise build the conveying ability to fit your particular needs.

Not at all like the tactical vest, a chest fix is commonly more agreeable. It utilizes lighter, more ventilated material that enables your skin to breath better and the chest fix isn’t compacting your body amid use.

A tactical plate carrier chest rig will likewise look uniquely in contrast to a tactical vest or a plate carrier. While the tactical vest covers your whole middle, and the chest fix covers a greater amount of simply the best bit of your middle, the chest fix goes over your lower belly. It is planned with the seem to be like suspenders. It has lashes that go over your shoulders, and afterward, it shapes a belt around your lower belly, with capacity pockets circumventing it.

What Is A Modular Vest?

A measured tactical plate carrier chest rig is a military review vest; in this manner, it is intended to withstand more exceptional situations and be more adaptable to fit the field of battle. The particular vest is a ballistics vest that was received by the United States Marine Corp. It is intended to all the more precisely circulate the weight among the middle of the client.

To conclude:

It is an overwhelming obligation, impenetrable vest. The particular vest is substantially more intricate than simply the run of the mill tactical vest, plate carrier or chest fix. It offers substantially more dependability, security,and capacity. The particular vest includes a cummerbund style primary tactical plate carrier chest rig, similar to the plate carrier, with an additional crotch covering, bring down back and neck and throat assurance. This thing is unquestionably intended for war and to be on the bleeding edge. It really expands the sum that it can offer the customer.


The chest rigs have a very rich history traced way back during the world war whereby most militaries that were in the war front used these chest rigs to carry various items that were useful at war. The rigs are very important in the military because of the multiple uses the pockets are used for.

Tactical plate carrier chest rig

The pockets on the chest rig can carry weapons. These does not mean that the chest rigs cannot be used by civilians notably the tactical plate carrier chest rig. For a buyer there several chest rigs that may help in different capacities. The chest rigs are rated from the best and popular depending on the functions one may want to use them for. It is important for one to know that chest rigs are vests like dress that is put across the body and has several pockets that can carry different items and the pockets have different sizes. The chest rigs have several pros that make them effective and they are

  • Compatibility- they are of several types for different body structures
  • Comfort ability- they are light and can be worn on those extreme hot weather conditions.
  • Design and materials- they have movable pockets that can be adjusted and also the material that is used to make these chest rig is favorable during hot conditions.

When one goes out look for these chest rig vest they have different things they must consider before purchasing them.


Depending on the purposes that one may want to use the chest rigs for, one goes for the size that is best suited for the functions they want to use for. It is recommended for people to go for the size that is standard so that they do not look funny when they wear them. Also the size of the chest rig vest can be adjusted by controlling the secure belts to fit.


The pouches should be big enough and be made of an elastic material so that they can carry many items for use. The elasticity of the pouches ensures that the items that are carried are safe. The pouches should be made of materials that are lightweight basically for comfort and also the material should be of good quality for it to be durable.


For military they usually carry a lot of items which are very heavy to move around with, so it is important for the material used to make the entire chest rig vest to be lightweight. The lightweight enable easy movement without one feeling the burden. The cross back shoulder straps helps a lot to reduce the strenuous effort one may want to put hence reducing the risk of a person complaining of back pains.

Durability and safety

The purpose of any gear one wears in the battle field or a very dangerous terrain should aid his or her safety. The several pouches are important for soldiers because they can be able to carry extra armor. One should purchase the vest from brands that offer warranty.

Tactical Thigh Rigs – Faster Access While On the Move


Have you thought about how important a chest rig can be? To be honest, these have become seriously sought after tools and it’s not hard to see why. There are now more people than ever before using chest rigs when they are outdoor’s and tackling the next big adventure. However, what about a thigh rig? Isn’t it time to move onto a thigh rig instead? You might just be able to get faster access while you’re on the move.

You Can Mount the Rig on Any Leg

For some, using a tactical plate carrier and rigs are not always the most comfortable pieces of equipment to have. There are some who say that, while they find these items to be very useful, they can be also a big pain in the neck! You cannot blame people for thinking this way simply because they can be big and bulky around your chest. However, with a thigh rig you will find it’s able to offer a little more versatility. You can actually mount this to whichever leg you like and get quicker access. That is why there are now more and more looking into thigh rigs and is using them on a daily basis too. You cannot blame people for choosing these rigs as they offer a lot more convenience.


A lot of people worry that their rigs are not waterproof and that they have to somehow remove them before taking to the water. However, even if you are going fairly deep into the water, the rigs can withstand it. Most of the rigs have been designed to be water and weather-proof so it’s an ideal way to keep things dry and protected. It’s like a chest rig, the thigh rigs can be highly protected via the waterproofing elements. This is why there are so many who are now using these items. They are great and really quite versatile too. learn more details straight from the source.

Can Store Necessary Items


Getting to a medical pack or even water when it’s most needed can be crucial and it can be a lot more convenient to use the thigh rig than sometimes the chest rig. Of course, chest rigs are still useful tools but thigh rigs offer something a little extra. In a tight squeeze, it might be a lot easier to reach down to the thigh than anything else so again, it’s ideal. Like a tactical plate carrier, thigh rigs can be very useful. There are so many people now using these on a daily basis and you can find they offer so much. read latest news at http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/militia-assault-rifles-unite-the-right-rally-charlottesville-virginia-white-supremacy-latest-a7890081.html

Access Your Items Faster On the Move

When you are on the move and have to be a bit sharp about it you don’t have time to stop and grab a few items from your backpack. However, with the thigh rig you never have to stop running; you can keep up the pace and get what you need, when you need. These little rigs are very useful items to have and can be highly versatile too. There are now so many who use these than ever before. A chest rig and a thigh rig can be both very important items to say the least.

Shoulder or Chest Holsters for Hunters

front vest

There are now thousands using a tactical plate carrier and it’s not hard to see why. These can offer a lot of protection and can be quite versatile too. However, for a lot of hunters they struggle to make the best choice when it comes to their hunting gear. For many hunters, they don’t know whether or not they should choose the shoulder holsters or opt for a chest holster. So, which is the best solution?

What Do You Feel Comfortable With?

Let’s be honest, shoulder holsters have been around for a very long time now! They have been widely used around the world and really they are the most versatile little holster available, too. However, while shoulder holsters are popular, chest holsters are becoming increasingly popular too and with good reason. Choosing between them can be really hard so why don’t you think about what you like or feel most comfortable with. It’s like when choosing a chest rig, you have to choose the one that fits you best and it’s the same with holsters. You always must choose the holster which you feel most comfortable with.

What about Costs?

Next, you have to give some consideration over how much you want to spend on the holster. Now, shoulder and chest holsters both are good options but they can vary in price considerably depending on where you buy. However, it will be important to take a moment or two out and decide how much you feel absolutely happy with for a holster. Holsters are important gear to have but they shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars. These should be well priced so that they are easy to afford and easy to slip on too. It doesn’t matter if you want a holster or tactical plate carrier you always got to think about costs. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford to at the end of the day. for additional tips, visit this link.

The New Breed of Holsters

front vest

In a way, chest holsters offer a quicker way to get to a weapon but that doesn’t mean to say the shoulder holster doesn’t still offer versatility. Deciding between the two can also present a challenge as they both offer great value for money and good quality. However, you have to think about what is going to work for you and what you feel most comfortable with as well. Sometimes it is best to opt for the holster which suits your needs more so than what fits your budget, even though money is important. Money, though, shouldn’t be your only reason for choosing one holster over the other. That is like saying choosing one chest rig than the other is better simply because it’s cheaper. You shouldn’t think like that. read her latest blog posted at http://www.whitepasssports.com/tactical-thigh-rigs-faster-access-while-on-the-move/

Choose the Best Holsters

For some, they want two holsters—chest and shoulder—and it can be ideal. Again, you need to think about what is going to suit you and what you feel is absolutely necessary! You shouldn’t choose one holster over the other simply because it is the more popular of the two. It’s time to decide what is best for you and you should only choose the holster that’s best. Always have the best gear from a tactical plate carrier to a holster.

Discount Police Tactical Gear, Supplies and Accessories


Have you been thinking about buying a tactical plate carrier and other police tactical gear? You are not the only one who is thinking about buying such items as they can be necessary at times. A lot of people use items similar to tactical gear for police simply because of the work they do. Finding the best accessories and supplies can be a nightmare however as usually it means high prices. However, there are ways to find discounted police tactical gear and supplies; read on to find out more.

You Have To Wait For the Sales

If you are looking for discounted police tactical gear, accessories, and supplies you are going to have to do your part and find the sales. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start the search for discounts so it might be more suited to take a step back and wait for the sales to come to you. A lot of stores have end of season sales and discounts and this is where you step in and pick up a bargain or two. Whether you are searching for a chest rig or something completely different, you absolutely have to search for the sales. This is when you’ll be able to get the best discounts and it’s ideal to say the least.

Search for the Best Discounts

For those who want the best of the best bargains and discounts, you are going to simply have to look for them! It has become a necessity to take the time to look for the best bargains and finding them can be a lot easier than it looks. You should absolutely go online and start your search there. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some amazing discounts without overspending on your budget. What’s more, you can buy a tactical plate carrier without too much trouble if that’s what you want. There has never been a better time to look for tactical gear. More stores offer discounts and if you’re prepared to find them, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Buy the Best and Most Affordable Supplies


A lot of people think a chest rig and a lot of other police tactical gear and supplies cost a fortune and while they can be expensive at times, they don’t have to be too costly to buy. Looking for discounts can be easily done and once you find them, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. There has never been a better or more important time to find discounted supplies. You don’t need to go overboard with your spending and you can get all the necessary items in no time.

Find the Best Discounts Today

A lot of people forget that tactical gear is a lot cheaper to buy than first thought. There are now more people buying it and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Discounts can be easy to spot and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to grips with the best prices either. You can pick up a tactical plate carrier as well as other items without having an expensive bill at the end. learn detailed information at http://www.whitepasssports.com/shoulder-or-chest-holsters-for-hunters/